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1.University of Strasburg (FRANCE) VHDL Archive

  • Synthesis VHDL Model
    These examples of syntisable designs are available on VHDL.ORG proposed by NAVABI (navabi@ece.neu.edu)
    (RTL models are available only here)
    • ORIGINAL ---- Behevioral definitions
      RTL ---- RTL synthesis (Y.HERVE ERM/PHASE with EXEMPLAR/CORE)
      HARDWARE ---- structural (pAsic targetted)
      TESTING/LIST ---- listfil output of tests (V-SYSTEM/MODELTECH ?)
      TESTING/TEST ---- testbenchs
      SIM_LIB/PAsic20.VHD ---- gate models for structural simulation

2-1.European Space Research and Technology Centre
Microelectronics: Space Applications and Design Methodology / (Here)

2-2.European Space Agency VHDL Archive

3.University of Stuttgart VLSI Design Course

4.IFIP WG10.5 Benchmark Circuits for Hardware Verification / (Here) / FTP Site

5.Courses and Tutorials

  • Navigating VHDL (Here)
    This chapter provides an introduction to the basic language constructs in VHDL; defining logic blocks, structural, dataflow and behavioral descriptions, concurrent and sequential functionality, design partitioning and more.

6.VHDL Papers & Models

7.RASSP (Rapid-Prototyping of Application Specific Signal Processors) VHDL Page / (Here)

8.Microsystems Prototyping Laboratory (MPL)
Mississippi State University / National Science Foundation / (Here)

9.The Hamburg VHDL archive / (Here)

10.Department of ECECS: University of Cincinnati VHDL Archive / (Here)

11.VHDL Resources...

12.EDIF LPM - Library of Parameterized Modules / (Here)


    VHDL CODE LAND is a communication environment provided for the modeling of digital systems and components. It encompasses a client-side VHDL tutorial (lectures and lessons), a presentation of methods and tools concerning VHDL modeling and an extensive set of links allowing to view (and use) foreign VHDL tutorials, component libraries, demonstration tools, etc.  VCL is a useful framework for your VHDL based modeling activities

14.Welcome to Doulos / (Here)

    For high quality VHDL and Verilog training For HDL-based FPGA and ASIC design leadership For true expertise in High Level Design

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